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2021: The best waterproof mobile phones to try


7 best note-taking apps for Google Keep alternatives

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The Sims 4: Why the new add-ons are a problem - and what they reveal about Sims 5

4 Mins read
Opinion: The Sims 4 surprises seven years after its release with a new type of add-on for 6 dollars. That doesn’t seem exciting…



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2021: The best waterproof mobile phones to try

5 Mins read
Doesn’t the rain prevent you from replying to your WhatsApp messages? Can’t even think of entering the pool without having your music…

5 things that you must stop immediately while using WhatsApp

2 Mins read
The messaging app WhatsApp is used almost all over the world. There are many guidelines as provided Government to use social media,…

Google Ads Bidding: Ads will stop supporting CPA and ROAS strategies

1 Mins read
The “Target CPA” and “Target ROI” strategies in Google Ads will no longer work as separate ones. Google will combine them with the…

Google Classroom: Everything that a teacher and student needs to know

4 Mins read
The Covid-19 pandemic prompted teachers and students to go beyond their expectations to explore learning and enter the digital world; a world…

5 Gaming Smartphones with Snapdragon 888 Chipset

3 Mins read
The ultimate gaming gear in 2021  Snapdragon 888 is a chipset variant belonging to the high-end segment, so it’s no wonder this…

Top 10 best PS5 games of 2021

7 Mins read
One of the keys to the great success of the PlayStation was, among other things, its remarkable and extensive catalog of titles,…


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Realme 8 Pro will have a 108MP camera and 3X zoom

2 Mins read
Realme begins to present the features of its mid-range smartphone for 2021: the Realme 8 Pro focuses everything on the main camera,…

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