How to reinstall deleted apps from Apple Watch

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With watchOS 6 the Apple Watch gained the ability to remove the apps that are installed by default with the operating system. Either for reasons of space or order, we can remove any app from your watch, but then, how do we recover it when we need them?

reinstall app on apple watch

More than once during a training session I have a student who notices that they are missing apps on their watch. The reason is that without realizing it we can have eliminated it, don’t worry, we can recover it very easily.

How to reinstall deleted apps from Apple Watch

As in iOS or iPadOS, we simply search for it in the App Store and download it. The steps are these:

  1. Open the App Store app on our Apple Watch.
  2. We touch Search.
  3. We can use Dictation or A hand to introduce our search term.
  4. now choose the app in question.
  5. Click on the cloud icon in the upper right.

That easy. With these steps, we can reinstall any app that we have removed, either voluntarily or by mistake. Let us also bear in mind that some apps are necessary for the system and cannot be deleted, for example, the app from the App Store.

Source: Iclarified

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