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How to put symbols on and change your nickname in Call of Duty Mobile

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Symbols, small letters, and numbers, as well as symbols, can be used to personalize the nickname.

Playing Call of Duty: Mobile costs 350 points over three days for a renaming card, which can be purchased for 350 points from the in-game store. The game can be downloaded free of charge on Android and iPhone ( iOS ) phones.

A step-by-step guide of how to change the nickname can be found below. You can also search through a list with special characters, symbols, and small letters to use in the nickname. This guide was done on a phone with the Android system, but the steps are the same for Apple users.

How to change the nick on CoD Mobile

Step 1. Click on your name, located at the top next to the photo, on the CoD Mobile homepage;

Step 2. Then, click “Player Profile” in the second tab.

Step 3. In the game, click on the edit icon beside the nick;

Step 4. Under “Enter your name” enter in the new name you want to use in the game;

Step 5. You must confirm your new nickname by clicking “Change” after entering it on CoD Mobile.

Call of Duty Mobile: How to customize your nickname

Players can personalize their Call of Duty Mobile nick with different symbols or letters, thus ensuring a unique nick. See below.

You will find letters and numbers

The letters and numbers in the table below are available as nicknames in Call of Duty Mobile. Although these characters are small, they still occupy the space of a single normal size letter in the nick change field of Activision’s FPS game.

Small letters and numbers for nick on CoD Mobile


There are various symbols

In addition to getting a new nickname, tokens can also personalize the nickname with different characters, such as flowers, stars, hearts, crosses, and more. There are several free sites that personalize nicknames with these different symbols, including Nickfinder and Make it Fancy.

Different symbols for nick on CoD Mobile

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