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Farlight 84: beta available for Android, iOS, and PC

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Find out all about Farlight 84, a new shooting game for Android and iOS devices that promise to take hunting to the next level. Farlight 84 promises an experience beyond Battle Royale.

Farlight 84 is a new free downloadable multiplayer online game for Android, iPhone ( iOS ), and PC. The game will launch in early 2022, with an open beta starting on June 15 and a second phase at the end of the year. The gameplay revolves around a third-person shooter in which the goal is not only to eliminate your opponents but to hunt down a  specific target to score. The title is being developed by Lilith Games and promises an experience “beyond Battle Royale”.

For pre-registration, the pizza delivery girl Maggie was a reward for registering on the official website.

Flight 84 has two main game modes: “Hunt” or “Hunt”, in which 48 players compete in a human hunt. Scores are scored by chasing targets that are marked on each team. Three points are awarded when the target is captured, while one point is awarded when it is caught by an opponent.

Once the player has collected six points, he can go to the evacuation zone on the battlefield. However, leaving the fight is not mandatory. Players can choose to stay on the map and eliminate all survivors.

Storyline: The game is based in a world devastated by chaos in  2084. A cast of characters encapsulated with their own visuals is available for the player to interact with. In addition to the powerful equipment provided in the matches, several advanced equipments will also be offered, such as the science fiction-inspired rifles and weapons, jetpacks, and three different types of vehicles.

farlight 84 beta

It was created by Lilith Games, a studio from Shanghai, China, that has a great deal of experience with mobile gaming. The developer is  best known for its RPG games, such as AFK Arena, Rise of Kingdoms, and Warpath, but has decided to bring what it calls a battle royale game evolution, complete with fast-paced PvP (Player vs Player) action.

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