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How to Tame Dolphin in Minecraft

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Taming Dolphins in Minecraft is the desire of many players. Dolphins were added to the game in mid-2018 with their Water Update, and gradually, underwater creatures gained user-available advantages. It is not possible to fully domesticate Dolphins as if they were Wolves or Cats – however, with some fish for food, they can behave as if they were tamed. Check out, in the following tutorial, how to tame Dolphins in Minecraft.

Dolphins appear in all biomes that have an ocean, except icy biomes. Creatures do not attack the player and even assist by providing extra speed when swimming (pressing twice in one direction, like running).

Animals are also able to point out where treasures are hidden in sunken ships or underwater ruins. To do this, just feed them with Raw Salmon or Raw Cod. So, they sprint towards the nearest chest in one of these buildings.

How to Tame Dolphin in Minecraft

Step 1. Catch some fish, specifically Raw Salmon and Raw Cod;

Step 2. Search for an ocean biome and it should be possible to find Dolphins there;

Step 3. Select Raw Salmon or Raw Cod and use the interact button to feed the Dolphin;

Step 4. Follow him to the location he indicates to find sunken ships or underwater ruins with chests;

Step 5. You can also use a Lasso to pull a Dolphin out of the water, however, it will take damage while out of the water.

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