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Twitter will block accounts that give “misleading” information about Covid vaccines

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The social network will use a “warning” system with partial suspensions. On the fifth offense, the account will be permanently blocked.

The social network Twitter announced that it will begin to label tweets that are considered ” misleading ” about vaccines against covid-19, and will establish a system of partial suspensions for accounts that repeat offenders in those publications. In this way, it seeks to avoid false news that misinforms the immunization stage that began in several countries around the world to combat the pandemic.

To that end, it will use a system of “warnings” , which will gradually become a permanent ban on an account after the fifth tweet deemed to have ” distorted information ” about the coronavirus vaccine .

Those responsible for identifying these breaches, they detailed, will be the members of the Twitter team, and they will determine it based on a series of guidelines published on the blog. “But the goal in the future is to also use automated systems that will start with content in English and then expand to other languages,” they reported from the San Francisco, California-based company.

“We believe that the warning system will help educate the public about our policies and will further reduce the spread of potentially harmful and misleading information on Twitter,” added the American tycoon Jack Dorsey’s microblogging social network .

In December, they said from Twitter, the company had introduced “measures to protect the public conversation.” And they added: “Since we presented our Covid-19 guide, we have deleted more than 8,400 tweets and questioned 11.5 million accounts worldwide .”

How Twitter “blocks” will work

In a first warning , users will be notified when a tweet is labeled as misleading, or needs to be removed for violating the rules of the platform.

The second and third warnings, meanwhile, will have an account lockout for 12 hours. Then, in a fourth offense, the suspension will be seven days, while in the fifth, the suspension will be final.

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