How to make a lectern in Minecraft: Complete Recipe

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Lecterns, which have a wide variety of uses in Minecraft, can be used either as furniture blocks or for holding books. Lecterns are easy to make and you can use them for room decor or as conference podiums. 

The lectern can also be very useful when you are looking for a particular enchanted book. The lectern is necessary for ensuring a villager becomes a librarian. Here’s a Minecraft tutorial guide that shows you how to make a lectern with detailed instructions.

The lectern is a new item in the game that gamers don’t have a crafting recipe yet. Let’s explore how to craft a lectern in Minecraft.

Let's explore how to craft a lectern in Minecraft.

The following materials are required for the lectern

  • Four Wooden Slabs
  • One Bookshelf
  • Crafting Table

A wooden slab can be used to make the lectern. The type of wood doesn’t matter and it can be mixed with other slabs.

Getting the bookshelf made is the hardest part of making a lectern. It can be very labor-intensive if cows are not nearby for the bookshelf. 

A crafting table’s 3×3 crafting menu is needed to make a lectern.

How to make a Lectern in Minecraft?

Open the crafting area with the 3×3 grid. Fill the first row with 3 wooden slabs, lay a bookshelf in the center of the second row, and place one more wooden slab directly below it. Then just click the lectern and drag it into your inventory.

Steps to make a Lectern in Minecraft:

You need to follow these steps to make a lectern in Minecraft:

1. First, find some cows that will drop leather. Cows drop leather that is used to create books that are crafted into bookshelves. To create a bookshelf, you need three books so go hunt down cows until you find three leather.

2. It is not always possible to find cows dropping leather on grassland, so keep searching for cows until you have all the leather you need.

3. To make paper, you will need sugarcane. You can find sugarcane along riverbanks and near water sources.

4. To make paper, you need three sugarcane. Each sugarcane will make three pieces of paper, which is nine total for each book. You will have nine sugarcane or you can grow them yourself to get them.

5. In order to get the slabs you need, you’ll first have to cut down a tree, then turn the logs into planks, then the planks into slabs.

6. Arrange three sugarcane stalks in a row to make paper. Turn your slabs into slabs and turn your sugarcane into paper.

7. Your paper will be ready when the leather is made. You can place the leather and paper anywhere on the crafting table to make books. Each book requires one leather and three pieces of paper and is made by placing them on the crafting table.

8. Place your three books in the middle of your crafting table. Use wooden planks to surround the books to create a bookshelf.

9. This bookcase is not just furniture, it is also used for our lectern, just place a bookshelf in the center of the crafting menu, then top it with one slab of wood and bottom it with another slab of wood. Making the lectern does not matter what kind of slab you use, it will process the same way regardless of the slab. You can also mix and match slabs in the crafting recipe.

How to make a Lectern in Survival Mode in Minecraft?

1. Open the Crafting Menu 

Start by opening up your table to expose the 3×3 crafting grid that looks like this:

2. Add items to build a Lectern

A crafting grid made of a 3×3 crafting grid should be located in the crafting menu. You need one bookshelf and four wooden slabs to make a lectern. Wood slabs can be used for any kind of crafting project. 

The cabinets and bookcases must be placed in the exact pattern shown below. It should have 3 wooden slabs in the first row. In the second row, there should be one wooden bookshelf in the middlebox.

You can now click on the lectern in the box to the right after you have filled the crafting area with the correct pattern.

3. Move the Lectern to the inventory:

A lectern must be moved to an inventory once it has been created.

A lectern has been created in your Minecraft world!

How does a Lectern work in Minecraft?

Lecterns are primarily used as job blocks for villagers. Any unassigned villager may seek a nearby lectern, and the lectern will assign the librarian job to them. Librarians will turn normal books into enchanted books. The librarian’s inventory can be refreshed as long as they are level one and not having conducted transactions. This means you can refresh the librarian’s inventory until they sell the mending book you seek.

A lectern can also hold a book with a quill, giving it extra utility. Right-click on the book and quill to open it, although there is no editing possible while it is on the lectern. Lecterns also emit a Redstone pulse if a book and a quill are placed on them. This can be triggered by right-clicking on the lectern and it can also be triggered when the pages are turned in the book and quill.

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