How to copy and paste on Mac and MacBook

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On Mac computers, each command can be executed using just your keyboard or using your trackpad or mouse. In this tech article, you will know how to copy and paste on Mac and MacBook.

If you are a regular Windows user, you may find it strange to switch to Mac computers, so you will have to learn some essential commands such as copying and pasting from macOS. These take various forms, including copying or cutting, and pasting or pasting and combining the style, depending on what you are trying to do. 

On Mac computers, each command can be executed using just your keyboard or using your trackpad or mouse. 

copy and paste on Mac

Copy or cut

The first step is to select the text or other item that you want to copy or cut. With the former, the item remains in the original location while a copy is created elsewhere. With the latter, the text or other element is moved from the original location to a new place. 

After selecting the text to copy, press the ‘Command’ + ‘C’ keys. You can also select Edit> Copy from the menu bar. Another solution: Control-click (or right-click) on the item you have selected, then choose ‘Copy’ from the shortcut menu.

Conversely, after selecting the text, press the ‘Command’ + ‘X’ keys to cut. Or choose Edit> Cut from the menu bar. You can also Control-click (or right-click) the item and then choose ‘Cut’ from the shortcut menu. 

copy and paste on Mac

Paste or paste and match style

There are two types of pasting in macOS. Both are done by first clicking to place your insertion point. When you choose to paste, the copied item is added to that location. With paste and combine style, the pasted item is copied, but it also matches the font, color, size, or other styles of the surrounding content. 

After clicking on your insertion point, to paste, press the ‘Command’ + ‘V’ keys. You can also select Edit> Paste for the menu bar, or control and click (or right-click) the item you select and then choose Paste from the context menu. 

To use the paste and combine style, after clicking your insertion point, press the ‘Option’ + ‘Shift’ + ‘Command’ + ‘V’ keys. You can also choose Edit> Paste and Combine Style from the menu bar, if applicable.

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