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How to make and break Obsidian in Minecraft

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Minecraft features several materials for crafting items, but Obsidian offers perhaps the most scope. Once you have it, you can explore new paths, including portals to another dimension, Enchantment Tables, and  Signposts. Check out the following tutorial to learn how to make, break, and get Obsidian in Minecraft.

Lava fountain blocks naturally generate obsidian when water touches them. Here, it’s essential to distinguish between lava as a source, and lava as a product; the latter only yields obsidian. Lava spreads outward from a source block. As a result of contact with water, the scattered trail of lava itself turns into rubble.

In order to make Obsidian, you need to throw a bucket of water at a Lava source block and then mine it carefully. It is important to remember that users who have not been to the Nether at least once will not have Netherite pickaxes necessary to mine Obsidian. You can even force the pick to break the block, but it won’t be able to produce Obsidian.

How to make and break Obsidian

Step 1. If you find a place where there is lava, you need to throw a  bucket of water nearby. Be sure that you block the water so that you will not be thrown into the Lava;

Step 2. The block should be extracted using a Diamond or Netherrite pick;

Step 3. Use Obsidian to build things, such as a portal to the Nether that uses 10 blocks (the ends are optional) and lets you travel to another dimension;

Step 4. With Obsidian, Diamonds, and a Book, you can also create an Enchantment Table, by which your tools become more  powerful;

Step 5. Alternatively, you can build a chest by using Obsidian and an Eye of Ender, which will keep your items no matter where you  open them;

Step 6. Last, but not least, Obsidian is one of the most powerful items in Minecraft, and it can be used to make either the Beacon or a Nether Star.

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