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How to make a cannon in Minecraft

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Find out how to create an extremely powerful TNT cannon in this block game

While players can construct several buildings in Minecraft, none are as effective as the powerful TNT cannon. TNT explosives have the ability to behave like different types of blocks in games, such as ones dealing with gravity. Players soon realized they could launch TNT against one another to create a cannon war. 

In Minecraft, the key to making a cannon is to ignite a block of TNT, wait a few seconds, and activate another, so that a second block is thrown by the explosion of the first. The use of Redstone Ejectors and Repeaters makes the task easier and more automated.

In addition to ejecting an activated block, the Ejector also ejects its own TNT blocks when it is activated with TNT blocks inside. In turn, the Redstone Repeater can delay such a signal, so that only later, when it is time to fire the second Ejector, does it reach the first Ejector.

Your cannon will be ineffective if you use water trickles since the blast damage will be gone but not the power to launch objects. You can increase the effect even more by using more TNT blocks and Ejectors. To make a cannon in Minecraft, check it step by step below.

How to make a cannon in Minecraft

Step 1. Build a base of 3 x 10 blocks to serve as the cannon’s base. If you master the technique, using an explosion-resistant material, such as Obsidian, can be interesting;

Step 2. At the end of the “wick,” place three more blocks and a Button with Redstones at either end;

Step 3. You need to create eight repeaters that delay the TNT signal from the canon;

Step 4. It is necessary to create nine Ejectors, eight of which will use TNT as a propellant and one of which will just fire;

Step 5. Assemble the left side with eight Obsidian blocks (or the  material of your choice) and an Ejector facing inward. Additionally, you should place eight Redstone Repeaters above the blocks and interact with them so that each of them has the maximum delay. Lastly, attach a wire of Redstone to the Ejector;

Step 6. On the right side, position the eight Ejectors facing inwards and place Redstone on them, connecting them to the button in Step 2;

Step 7. You can charge the TNT with a bucket of water and prevent the explosion from destroying the cannon when it is fired; you can install the cannon as well.

Step 8. Adding a slab of any material to the tip of the cannon, just in front of the last ejector, will help ensure that the TNT will not exceed the water’s depth;

Step 9. When viewed from above, your cannon should look like this;

Step 10. Each Ejector should be loaded with blocks of TNT. TNT blocks will be ejected into the water as soon as the button is pressed. As they are about to explode, the last Ejector places an extra block of TNT at the end, which will be fired by the explosion of the other blocks, just like a cannon.

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