How to Make Fence or Gate in Minecraft

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How to build your own fence to protect yourself or to keep your animals safe

The process of building a gate or fence in Minecraft is quite simple. A fence is one of the easy and powerful blocks in the game, which has several blocks with curious characteristics. This block might not seem special at first, but if used correctly, it is among the few with an unusual height limit, which makes it useful in blocking the passage of your enemies and animals.

A fence can be made by joining four blocks of wood to two sticks on a workbench. Fence blocks can be stacked and placed alone to look like a post, or you can stack them for decoration. The Fence structure does not begin to form until the player places a second block to the side.

A fence made of different woods has a unique appearance. This is a fact that must be taken into consideration. They are, however, all capable of connecting with each other. There is only one exception to this rule: the Nether Brick Fence. This fence is made up of four Nether Bricks and two Nether Brick Blocks.

Though it appears visually that the fences are one block high, they actually stand a half-block high. It cannot be crossed, therefore no one can play or tame here. Stacking them, they always take up the same amount of space, including more than half a block at the top. There are two fences that are two and a half blocks high and a third fence that is three and a half blocks high. Furthermore, it is important to note that not all animals find fences to be a real obstacle. There are certain animals, such as foxes, which are especially adept at jumping over such obstacles.

How to Make Fence in Minecraft

Step 1. Create three fences with four wooden blocks and two sticks on a workbench;

Step 2. Place them side by side to form a structure;

Step 3. To get different looks, you can use different types of wood;

Step 4. While carrying animals or boats, tie them to the fence using a bow;

Step 5. Use flat objects on top of fences to make tables or other decorative items.

How to make Gate in Minecraft

In order to facilitate access to the fenced area, a Gate can be created, which is a fence junction that acts as a door. The interaction button can be used to open or close it. In order to create it, you will need four sticks and two woodblocks. Gates can change their look depending on the kind of wood they are made of. Since wooden gates connect normally to the Nether Brick Fence, there is no reason why there is a limitation on the connection.

How to make Gate in Minecraft

How to save animals inside fences

For farms, walls and fences can create spaces where their contents can be stored. The player normally disappears when the animals disappear in Minecraft. A Fence, however, prevents them from getting into the house. The Fence needs to be connected to all the blocks, very much like the Gates of houses, and have a maximum internal area of 20×20 blocks in order to qualify as a closed place. In addition, the game considers them to be in open spaces, so they may disappear.

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