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5 ‘secret’ Google Chrome amazing features to simplify your life

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There are many tools that Google Chrome offers but that very few know, we will tell you 8 functions that will make your life easier. In this article, we will discuss the Google Chrome amazing features which you may have not used before.

Google Chrome is the most popular Internet browser in the world. One of the reasons it is popular is its ease of use and the number of features it includes. Having said that, there are many features that people may not be aware of or have never used. If you are not using chrome browser, then you are missing something interesting, download google chrome.

5 Google Chrome amazing features to simplify your life

Here we list 5 very useful but little known Google Chrome amazing features:

  1. Play audio and video files directly in Chrome

All you need to do is drag an audio file or a video file to a new tab. It’s a very basic media player, but it can come in handy if you’re in a rush to open an audio or video file.

2. Built-in malware scanner to keep your data safe

Chrome has a malware scanner built-in, just go to Settings and go to the Advanced option. Here you can choose Reset and Clean and then Clean Computer; this will scan the computer properly and if anything suspicious is found Chrome will report it and clean it up right away.

Guest mode to keep your browsing data private.

There may be one or two times when a friend wants to use your computer for a while. You may not feel comfortable sharing what you surf on the Internet. This is where guest mode comes in handy. All you need to do is click on your Google account avatar in the upper right corner, choose the guest mode, and your data will remain private.

3. Use the same tabs on smartphones or tables

You can open the same tabs that are open on your computer on a tablet or smartphone. Just right-click on the URL in the address bar and choose the “Send to your devices” option. Please note that Chrome must be installed on another device with the same Google account and syncing has been activated. If that’s the case, the same URL will be sent to your other device.

4. Streaming made easy when sending a screen

By clicking the three dots in the upper right corner of Chrome, you can see an option to cast. Choose that if you want to cast your browser tabs or your entire desktop to a Chromecast device. If you are using YouTube or some compatible OTT application, you can also stream video content.

5. “Save” your tabs when Chrome shuts down

There may be times when you have to close Chrome abruptly and regret the fact that some tabs were closed when you didn’t want to. There is a way out. Open the Menu and go to Settings. You will see a Power on option at startup and choose to continue where you left off; you will return to the starting point.


Group tabs for easy navigation

Google has the tab grouping feature in Chrome that makes it easy to organize tabs. You can add labels, color-coded tabs for easy navigation. All you need to do is right-click on the tab and choose the Add to New Group option. You can add tabs to a group or delete them. There is also an option to hide or show this group of tabs.

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