How to tame or train a phantom in Minecraft

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The creatures spawned by phantoms usually refer to undead creatures that cannot sleep during several days in-game.

Minecraft players commonly see undead mobs called Phantoms zipping around the world.  These little monsters are fast on the move, so players barely see them coming.

Those who haven’t slept or died for more than three days will see the apparitions. Those who have respawned or reset their spawns within the three days will not see the apparitions.

A Phantom is a little dark blue mob that resembles a bat, but it has green eyes, and it looks like a mini dragon. Those who pay attention might encounter Phantoms when they are unaware.

In this environment, Phantoms can happen at nighttime or during thunderstorms. Phantoms will respawn every one to two minutes. Players are more likely to encounter phantoms at y levels of 75 and higher. 

A man can shoot them down using bows or he can wait for them to come back down and then use the sword. In Minecraft, phantoms can be captured to be tamed.

A tutorial explaining how to tame phantoms in Minecraft using Phantom Plus Add-on

How to tame or train a phantom in Minecraft

The Phantom Plus add-on is available to download from the Omlet. The Phantom add-on feature allows players to control Phantom and take it in any direction they choose. It is an extra feature that can be added to the Phantom game to facilitate rider control.

Before attempting to tame a Phantom in creative mode, players are strongly advised not to do so, since they are hostile mobs and might attempt to kill a player before they are even touched by them in survival.

Aside from the phantom ascending and descending, the only thing that players will not be able to control is the direction in which it moves. Just by looking around, players can decide in which direction it goes.

A phantom can be spawned in creative and the player just needs to get it to come near them, and a tame will appear with an option to ride it.

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