How to Make a Water Elevator in Minecraft

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How to Make a Water Elevator in Minecraft

In Minecraft, an elevator is a device that moves players as well as other mobs around a structure. Some designs require the player to walk or swim, while other more complex designs have the player being picked up hundreds of blocks higher with just the click or flick of a lever. Several different ways of transporting yourself are available in Minecraft. 

There are two types of horizontal transportation–horses and minecarts–and vertical transportation–elevators. You can make elevators with Redstone in many different ways, but we can only make them out of water in one way. One can easily perceive a water elevator as a stream of water that allows both the player and many mobs to safely traverse steep drops or even reach higher areas. 

An elevator can be used to get down by water quickly from a cliff. Water elevators can be used to get to mines or elevated homes. If you use glass blocks to build them, you can make them particularly difficult to spot.  So let’s explore how to make a water elevator in Minecraft.

How to Make a Water Elevator in Minecraft
How to Make a Water Elevator in Minecraft

What You Need to Build a Water Elevator in Minecraft?

  • Glass
  • Water Bucket
  • Door
  • Kelp
  • Magma Block 
  • Soul Sand 

Several kinds of water elevators can be built by skillful players. These include faster elevators, breathable elevators, and cooler elevators. The overflow of your elevator can be used to reach areas that are filled with hostile mobs and reach them safely with a well-placed elevator.

There is no difference between types of water since you need water buckets to put your water sources. The simplest version needs only a blocked, set place on a ledge, and a water bucket.

Note: you must first fill the column of water with soul sand before you can place the soul sand since you cannot swim down through a bubble column. So be careful not to drown!

There are more detailed options, requiring solid blocks such as glass, wood, or bricks. Using a breathable elevator is as easy as stacking 1 soul sand block, or putting up lots of signs. 

In Bedrock, you do not need kelp to convert flowing water to water sources. However, to create a soul sand bubble elevator, you do not make a barrel of soul sand.

Follow the steps to Make a Water Elevator in Minecraft

Step 1: The first step of the process is to gather your glass. It does not matter how much glass you have, but finding out how high you want your elevator to go is key, so multiply this number by four. So, if you want to go up to seven floors, you need 28 blocks of glass.

Step 2: Once you have your glass, you need a bucket to collect water. Simply craft a bucket and use it to collect water. The kelp can be found in an ocean if it’s deep enough. However, if the water room is shallow, the kelp will be only near the surface.

Step 3: You should go to the nether. From there, you can find the soul sand and magma blocks that you will need. These blocks can spawn anywhere in the nether, so just leave and go explore.

Step 4: Build the glass enclosure first after you have gathered all of the materials needed for a water elevator. This needs to have a hollow block at the center of the four columns that must be constructed. You can place this as high as you’d like assuming you need to travel a significant distance with your elevator. Just make sure to leave a two-block tall hole in the column. This will be the entrance to your elevator.

Step 5: Now, place your door into the open space on your elevator, your back toward your elevator. This will stop the flow of water from leaking outside of your elevator.

Step 6: Water will flow down the elevator by filling with water from your water bucket placed on the top block. This option, however, requires that each block be a source block. Therefore, the solution is using kelp.

Step 7: Add the kelp to your water. The kelp will result in the flow of water creating a source block at the beginning of the level.

Step 8: Replacing the block at the bottom with soul sand or a magma block will cause the elevator to push you upwards.
Replacing the bottom block with a magma block will result in the elevator pulling you downwards.

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