Apple is likely to unveil MacBook Pro already at WWDC 2021; find out what to expect

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The new Apple art confirms rumors that a new MacBook Pro is on the way; the model may have a 14″ and 16″ screen with mini LED panels, as well as return of the MagSafe data connector

It is possible that Apple will launch a new MacBook Pro during WWDC 2021. Due to publicity for the event, which shows Memojis looking at notebooks, as well as their glasses reflecting emoji codes, this possibility gained momentum. Several leakers, including apple leaker Jon Prosser, have reverberated and even “confirmed” the track in the artwork.

A recent rumor suggests a return of the MagSafe connector to Apple computers, as well as the arrival of the new Apple Silicon chip, which would be called the MX1. It is important to note that the products have not been confirmed by the manufacturer. From 7 to 11 June, The Brand will host its annual conference online.

In the image we see the symbols for a fork and knife, a sleeping emoji, and a notebook: all underneath the “true” programming command. This “easter egg” could be just a joke that programmers eat, sleep, and work despite the theory that it’s a clue to the new generation of Macbooks Pro.

In addition to the mini LED panels, the next version of the apple should arrive in two versions, with 14″ and 16 inch screens. Ming-Chi Kuo is another analyst who consistently predicts accurately the future of Apple.

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Moreover, it is rumored that the model will also bring Apple’s own next-generation processor, an M1X. There are expectations that this part will be even more powerful than the M1, which was revealed for the first time at WWDC 2020. A high-performance version of the processor will have eight cores.

The second novelty of future models will be the addition of a more expansive connectivity suite, which will include an SD card reader and more input ports. Currently, only Thunderbolt standard ports are available on the Macbook Pro. The next release of Apple products should abandon the curved architecture of current models and adopt a straight structure, as well as eliminating the TouchBar.

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