Google Ads Bidding: Ads will stop supporting CPA and ROAS strategies

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google ads bidding strategies change

The “Target CPA” and “Target ROI” strategies in Google Ads will no longer work as separate ones. Google will combine them with the strategies of “Maximum Conversion” and “Target conversion value”, it said in a statement on 20 April 2021.

google ads bidding update

Thus, an optional field will appear in the “Maximum conversions” strategy, in which you can specify the target cost per conversion. And in the Target Conversion Value strategy, you will be able to assign a target ROI to your ad. With these additional fields, the “Maximum Conversions” and “Target Conversion Value” strategies will be able to optimize ads like target CPA and target ROAS, respectively.

Additional fields in the “Maximum Conversions” and “Target Conversion Value” strategies will appear in the next few months. 

Advertisers can still use target CPA and target ROAS strategies and will not be affected by the planned upgrade. Google will send a notification to advertisers before pushing the target CPA and ROI values ​​into the additional fields for the “Maximum Conversions” and “Target Conversion Value” strategies.

google ads bidding update news

That these changes are planned, Google announced in February in the blog for developers. To learn more about the update, visit the Google Help Center and read our translation of the Wordstream material. Google previously launched Insights for advertiser accounts around the world.

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