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7 best note-taking apps for Google Keep alternatives

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One of the best things a smartphone has to offer is the ability to take notes. Moreover, smartphones are currently a mandatory device that everyone has and is almost certainly always carried everywhere. In this article, we will tell you about the best Google Keep alternatives.

Therefore, smartphones are suitable for recording important things such as activity schedules and shopping lists to the usual ones such as ideas or thoughts that suddenly come to mind. Google Keep is one of the best note-taking apps but the Google-made app isn’t the only one worth using. Here are some Keep alternatives that you can try.


BlackNote is a simple and minimalist application. Just like most note apps, it comes with capabilities like note management, creating notes in the form of listswidgets, and much more.


As the name implies, it has a simple UI with a black base which is intuitive and easy to navigate. Then, there is also a feature to lock certain notes from being read by others. It can be downloaded for free with a paid ad-free option for US $ 2.99. This is highly recommended.


ColorNote is one of the most popular note apps along with Google Keep. It allows users to create text notes, lists and more. With the name ColorNote, it also brings the ability to change the background color of the notes created.


The goal? So that users can have better note management based on the different colors of each note. For others, it also has common features like calendar support, backup support to both cloud and internal storage, and more.


Next up is Evernote, which is one of the most popular note-taking applications as well as being rich in features such as the ability to take various types of notes. It also has sync support for all devices. Thanks to the simplicity of the UI and its features, it’s in some parts even better than Google Keep.


Evernote can be downloaded for free even though some features are locked. The subscription version offers special features such as AI-based suggestions, presentation features, cloud features, and more. It is one of the closest Google Keep alternatives.


FairNote is one of the newest note apps that comes with a simple Material Design style interface and a tag or bookmark system that makes it easy for users to organize their notes. On the other hand, this application also focuses on security systems. FairNote has an optional AES-256 encryption system.


In addition, users can also set a fingerprint for encryption and a description of the notes they want. Beyond that, it comes with most of the features of the notes in general, all of which will be unlocked in the premium or paid version.

Microsoft OneNote

OneNote is Microsoft’s attempt to break into the notes application market. It integrates directly into OneDrive just like how Google Keep is integrated into Google Drive.

Microsoft OneNote

This application has a myriad of features such as management features, support for cross-platform, widgets, Android Wear support, collaboration features, and support for voice, text, and photos to record. This is one of the most recommended note-taking applications and is a must-use when using other Microsoft applications. Plus, it’s also compatible with Microsoft Office including Office 365.

Omni Notes

Omni Notes is another simple note-taking app that also comes with a Material Design-style UI. It uses a card view in a vertical orientation which is easy to navigate and organize. Apart from that, it also has support for sorting and searching notes easily.

Omni Notes

On top of that, Omni Notes offers features such as DashClock support, widgets, and a sketch-note mode where users can draw to doodle on notes. It has more than enough features to be a Google Keep alternative.

Simple Notes Pro

As the name implies, Simple Notes Pro is a simple or simple note application. It comes with a minimalistic look and basic features that can be found in most similar apps.

Simple Notes Pro

Some of them include the ability to take notes in the form of text and lists, color themes for easier management, and customizable widgets. It doesn’t connect to the internet or even requires permission to access certain parts. It is very simple, straightforward, and can fulfill any need in terms of note-taking.

That was the review as well as the recommendation for the best Google Keep alternatives note application to try. Any other suggestions? Just write in the comments below.

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