7 Best Applications to Change Fonts on Android

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Solutions for those of you who are bored with just the same fonts.

Are you the owner of a  smartphone with Android OS? You deserve to feel lucky! Because you can tinker and customize the gadget as you wish. One of the changes that can be made is changing the font shapeYou can do this to avoid boredom and so that the appearance of the gadget becomes fresher. Try these 7 Best Applications to Change Fonts on Android.

You want to change fonts,  but don’t know where to start? Try using the launcher or application below! Listen and practice, yes!

1. Apex Launcher

You can get Apex Launcher on Google Playstore. This application is a  launcher that is quite famous and has managed to get more than 10 million downloads. Keep in mind that there are features in Apex Launcher that are locked and can only be unlocked if we make a payment.

Changing the font with Apex Launcher is quite easy. First, select the Settings menu within the application. Then, select  Home Screen> Layout and Style> Label Font. Then, select the font you want to display on the home screen, Android Authority advises.

2. GO Launcher EX

Apex Launcher isn’t the only app to try. You can also try GO Launcher EX which can be downloaded on the Google Playstore. Because it is trusted, GO Launcher EX has won more than 100 million downloads. Not only changing the theme and wallpaper but also changing the font!

The Android Authority page provides steps for changing the font on our Android. First, copy the TTF or OTF font file to your smartphone. Then, long-press the home screen and select  GO Settings> Fonts. After that, choose the font according to your wishes. This option will not change the entire font but will change most menus.

3. Action Launcher: Pixel Edition

Apart from that, you can also try Action Launcher: Pixel Edition. This one launcher application is quite popular and has won more than 5 million downloads on the Google Playstore. With Action Launcher, you can not only change the theme,  wallpaper, or home screen,  but also the font we use, you know!

The method is fairly simple and easy to practice. First, go to  Action Launcher Settings. Then, choose Appearance> Font. Choose the font you want to use and we are done! Easy right? The default font on your gadget will be changed.

4. Smart Launcher 5

There are still many applications that you can try. One of them is Smart Launcher 5 which you can download on Google Playstore. This application was released on July 11, 2012, and has won more than 10 million downloads. With Smart Launcher 5, your theme, lock screen, and the home screen will change to a  fresh one. You can also change the font,  you know!

Changing fonts in Smart Launcher 5 is no less easy. First, go to Smart Launcher 5 settings. Then, select  Global Appearance> Font. Choose the font you want to use. The default font you are used to will change in an instant!

5. iFont

Unlike the previous four applications, iFont is not a  launcher. iFont is a special application that can be used to change fonts on Android. Some smartphone brands require root,  but some don’t. On a non-rooted device, select the iFont Online tab to browse the available fonts.

The steps are to first activate the installation of applications from unknown sources. This option is usually located in  Settings> Security. After that, launch iFont and select  Recom / Find to find the font. Tap the name of the font you want to download. Then, tap  Set to install the font. Don’t forget to go to  Settings> Display> Font Size and Style> Tap on New Font. Voila! The font will be applied immediately.

6. FontFix

Confused by the many choices? You can try the FontFix application. This application is available on the Google Playstore and reaches more than 50 thousand downloads. FontFix provides around 4300  different fonts for our Android devices. Besides that, you don’t need to root your Android.

All you need to do is choose the font you want and click the install buttonBefore the font is applied, you can preview it first. It’s easy and its small size is its advantage. Want to try?

7. HiFont

Finally, you can try an application called HiFont. This application was launched on March 20, 2012, and managed to get more than 10 million downloads on the Google Playstore. There are hundreds of fonts available and you can choose according to taste. HiFont supports Samsung smartphones and there is no need to root.

In addition, this application also supports HTC, Motorola, Lenovo, Huawei, Nokia, and other smartphones, but there are some gadgets that require root first. Another advantage is that HiFont supports the use of custom fonts and provides large fonts for elderly users.

So, those are 7 applications that can be used to change fonts on Android. For yourself, which application do you like the most?

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