Netflix will no longer let you share your account among friends and family

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Netflix stop sharing account

Some users reported that their TV screen showed a message informing them that if they were not the owners of the account they would no longer be able to use the platform.

Netflix has begun testing a feature that could discourage users from sharing a subscription password through a system that, in addition to notifying, sends a verification code to the original user.

Some users of the streaming content platform have seen, when logging in, that their TV screen showed a message informing that if they were not the owners of the account, they had to create a new one.

The message, first reported by The Streamable, is part of a test that the technology company has initiated to ensure that whoever logs in the subscriber or who lives with him. And to make sure of it, send a verification code.

Netflix stop sharing account

This is one of the “hundreds of tests” that Netflix conducts each year, as a spokesperson has reported to CNBC. In this case, the test “is designed to help ensure that people who use Netflix accounts are authorized to do so,” he says.

This test does not have a clear purpose at the moment, since it could discourage users from sharing the password of an account , but also prevent unauthorized third parties from accessing it, for example, after a security breach in which they have been exposed credentials.

Disney grows

In the opinion the results of The Walt Disney Company in streaming Video-On-Demand (VoD) are not bad. According to Reuters, Disney + has just announced that it has already broken the barrier of 100 million subscriptions on a global scale .

This represents more than twice as many paid users as the brand had last June, according to Statista data. It is also the figure that in November 2019 it was calculated that it would not reach 2025.

The information was released by Bob Chapek, CEO of the company, at its annual meeting with shareholders. In addition to the Disney + results, the manager shared other news for the rest of his business units. The company is expected to open its amusement parks in California, with reduced capacity, this April, more than a year after they closed their doors as a result of the COVID-19 crisis.

What is your future?

Several reasons could be contemplated to explain the meteoric rise of this streaming platform, even though it took others years to position themselves. According to CBR, much of the success of Disney + can be attributed to the fame and already established reputation of the company. 

However, there are several agents who doubt that it can keep up with the growth rate. In large part, because it still lacks an abundant catalog of original content, the most important in streaming.

In any case, many specialists agree that the future of the company is in the performance of Disney + . According to the Observer, its valuation on Wall Street has skyrocketed because shareholders are evaluating it as a growing streaming platform. 

But you also need to consider how you balance your amusement park business and your movie release plans to see what your future as a company will really be.

However, beyond seeing the company as more than a streaming service, there are still agents who doubt the future of Disney + . Fast Company notes that the company proved remarkably adept at milking its strongest properties as much as possible. 

However, it is uncertain whether it will be able to generate equally interesting new content in the long term. To this must be added that there are still doubts about which direction it will take in the future.

And their rivals?

Although the future of the platform is still unclear, the truth is that its presence is quite promising. And this put its competitors in a complex situation, where they must figure out new ways to sustain their market share in any way . Industry leader and quarantine retired Netflix is devising new strategies to encourage discovery within its catalog. Specifically, through systems that resemble certain social networks.

There is also the case of HBO Max. Like Disney +, this platform also has a very well-established name and a wide range of content. However, it recently announced that it was going to increase its stake in children’s content. 

It will achieve this by focusing all its efforts around the Cartoon Network brand, from where it will promote its new series and films, in order to position itself as a viable rival for families, published the Merca 2.0 site.

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