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How to make TNT in Minecraft

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Learn how to make dynamite in Minecraft to easily blow up large parts of the map or set traps for enemies

Minecraft allows players to modify their blocky world with various tools including TNT i.e. dynamite. This block can be used to clear a large area quickly and also as a weapon to create traps against enemies. The materials to craft it are also easy to obtain, as the user only needs some sand (regular or red) and gunpowder. Here’s how to craft TNT in Minecraft on Xbox Series X , Xbox Series S , PlayStation 5 ( PS5 ), Xbox One , PlayStation 4 ( PS4 ), Nintendo Switch , Android , iPhone ( iOS ), and Windows 10 PCs.

TNT blocks have some unique properties in Minecraft. To make them explode, the user must first activate them, which can be done with a Flint/Lighter or by a Redstone signal such as a lever, button, pressure plate (like in the Desert Temple), enter others. Once activated, TNT gains properties different from any block in Minecraft, such as being able to suffer gravity and being free of the game’s traditional block grid. When activating more than one TNT block, the explosion of one of the blocks can even throw the other, something that users use to create cannons in the game .

Once activated, TNT takes around 4 seconds to explode and can deal 3-5 blocks of damage in all directions. Some blocks are resistant to explosions, like Brick Blocks or Obsidian. An option is also to surround TNT with water so that it does not cause damage, a process used in creating Dynamite cannons. See how to craft and use the block below:

How to make TNT in Minecraft

Step 1. Get at least 4 blocks of regular sand or red sand in the Minecraft world;

Step 2. Get at least 5 units of gunpowder obtained by eliminating Creepers;

Step 3. On a Workbench place all the ingredients to create the TNT/Dynamite block;

Step 4. Once you have the block, place it in the game world and then use a Flint/Lighter or a Redstone signal to activate it.

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