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An individual tweets to Sundar Pichai, Google’s CEO, for assistance in resetting his Gmail password

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In response to Pichai’s tweet on the COVID-19 relief effort for India, the user asked for help in resetting his Gmail password.

How would you change your Gmail password if you forgot it? For Indian Twitter user @Madhan67966174, the answer was simple — ask Google’s CEO for support. 

“Hello, sir. I am in need of help with my Gmail password. I do not know how to reset it. Could you please assist?” Madhan wrote, responding to Pichai’s tweet about COVID relief.

A Google CEO had announced that his company would provide a Rs 135-crore funding package to UNICEF and the non-profit Give India in order to help the country fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Perhaps the Twitter user had the right idea.

Though the Google boss didn’t reply to the query, many others did. The replies were laced with sarcasm and humour. A user, @vaidyab, said Pichai is currently in the US, and once the travel restrictions are lifted he will personally visit Madhan and help him reset his password.

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