Minecraft: How to see coordinates

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Learn how to use the coordinates in the popular block game in creative and useful ways

A player’s journey is made easier by the coordinate system in Minecraft, which has a vast world of blocks to explore. The user can mark any location in the game universe by using these simple numbers, which identify their own X, Y, and Z. It might be possible for them to help achieve many useful tasks with some creative thinking. Here you can find instructions on how to see coordinates and their various uses in Minecraft, which is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 ( PS4), Nintendo Switch, PC, and, of course, on mobile platforms for Android and iPhone ( iOS).

Imagine a world where every direction a player moves has a numerical value. This will make sense as to how Minecraft’s coordinate system works. The X coordinate increases or decreases when walking left or right. In the same way, moving forward or backward changes the Z coordinate.

You will be able to see the height that you are at by viewing the Y coordinate. To start with, the deeper and longer you dig yourself into caves, for example, the lower your Y will be, and the higher the height and the longer the structure of your building, the higher the Y will be.

Minecraft: Activating coordinates

Minecraft makes it incredibly easy to connect coordinates. Whenever you need to see the coordinates, it is simple to turn on the “Show coordinates” option in the “Options” menu. Your character’s current position will always be displayed in the upper left corner of the screen. The numbers “X, Y, Z” indicate the order in which they appear on screen.

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