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How to recover a suspended Pinterest account

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The Pinterest platform is a social network that allows users to manage, create, design, and collect images of different kinds that express ideas.

To have a Pinterest account, the procedure is simple and free to perform, since you only need to register on the page.

Here is the tip to avoid the account being suspended, it is advisable to know and read in detail the rules that allow you to know what is forbidden to do or not, and so you can enjoy the community as well as knowing how to download the Pinterest application for mobile and computer. 

To recover an account on Pinterest you must appeal the suspension of the account; For this reason, you have to contact Pinterest to make a claim or complaint that will be through a form that you must fill out stating the reason that you are not satisfied with the decision made by them.

In addition to arguing your reasons for them to contact you and respond to the request to suspend a Pinterest account.

How to recover a suspended Pinterest account

To make this appeal you must enter the section of “problem to log in to the Pinterest support center”. Then there you have to select the option “we have suspended your account”. So that you can follow the link that appears there where it says you want to contact Pinterest.

When an image appears, you must display it. Choose the option  “I have problems accessing my account”  and then “appeal the suspension of the account. By  doing this, it should give you the option to fill in a form that appears as follows:

Follow these simple steps to recover a suspended Pinterest account

  • The title of the message (here it is recommended to write: account suspended).
  • Description.
  • Attached file.
  • Name and surname.
  • Email associated with Pinterest.
  • Pinterest username is the “hitechpanda” you use in the community.
  • Mark if you are a company or not.

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